Smart Waste presentation at the DBP

Smart Waste presentation at the DBP

The Big Three team had a new experience. On 17 April, we met at the Digital Business Space on Pokrovka Street to present our new product - the Smart Waste platform.

20 April 2023

Smart Waste presentation at the DBP

The team had been preparing the presentation for over two months. The Big Three employees undertook 90% of the tasks of organising the event. Not everyone dares to accept such challenge.

We developed the idea and concept of the event ourselves. We chose an iconic location for the business. We wrote the script. We created content for the facades and foyer. We drew slides for the speeches. Created and edited 4 product videos. Assembled menus for guests.

On Monday morning, 13 employees of The Big Three put away their computers and took it upon themselves to create the atmosphere for the event. Carried boxes of wine. Greeted guests. Someone was reading the titles for the prompter in the director's chair to help the speakers on stage to perform in the best traditions of the world's IT companies. Someone was backstage in the role of assistant director, putting on microphones and letting the main characters on stage. Someone took on the responsible mission of leading the famous guests into the hall.

More than 600 guests registered for the event and more than 1000 watched us presenting Smart Waste online.

Who are we? We're great, guys!

20 April 2023
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