Eco-friendly life for pets

Eco-friendly life for pets

Eco-friendly life for pets

Not only can humans have an eco-friendly lifestyle, but so can their pets. Here are some eco-friendly tips for keeping cats and dogs in the house:

✅ If you don't already have a pet, then take it from a shelter, this way you  will save one life.

✅ Avoid wet food in pouch packaging, it cannot be recycled.

✅ Pick wet food in a tin can. Take dry food by weight in your own container. Good quality vegan food has now been developed, but consult a veterinarian before giving it. You can prepare your dog's food by yourself, but do not feed it from your table!

✅ Cat litter can also be eco-friendly. They have a natural structure and they can be flushed down the toilet. Clean up after dogs on the street with a paper bag or dustpan.

✅ It is not necessary to buy toys from a pet shop. A dog can be offered a stick, rope, textile toys. For a cat, you can make balls from unwanted mittens or cut a pompon from an old hat.

✅ On the internet you  will find many ideas on how to make a scratching post and laying bed with your own hands.

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