Waste management

Waste management as an art

Tool to support business processes of a regional operator or management company at a landfill or sorting station

Cross-cutting automation in the field of waste management

Automation of all business processes: from contracting to distributing daily assignments to drivers.
Optimisation and automatic planning of waste truck routes
Driver's mobile application: electronic route sheet to record the fact of fulfilment of tasks
Full control over vehicles and work in real-time mode

Ensuring the regional operator's activity

After the entry into force of Federal Law No. 458-FL on 1 January 2016, which concerns changes to the Federal Law «On Consumer Waste», each region is obliged to develop a territorial waste management scheme and select a regional operator, which will carry out all waste management activities in the region.

The regional operator is responsible for the entire technological chain: collection and accumulation, transportation, treatment and utilisation, and waste disposal. He should ensure the contractual campaign, calculation of optimal routes and their compliance by each vehicle, management and control.

The product helps regional operators fulfil their obligations

The automated management system «Waste Management» covers all of the operator's obligations: from concluding contracts to assigning daily goals to waste truck drivers, automatically laying out and optimising routes. The system also takes into account the amount of waste in the infrastructure facilities

Cost information

Handware and software complex automated management system «Waste management» is not a freely distributed software. The cost of the licence is determined based on the number of objects in the system and the territory of implementation. To specify the cost of software modules in each particular case, please contact The Big Three's commercial department by email or by telephone number listed in the Contacts section.


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The automated management system «Waste Management» enables automatic planning, business process management, route planning and optimisation, setting targets for waste removal and transportation, controlling their fulfilment, as well as accounting the waste at infrastructure facilities.

Automation of all business processes of the regional operator

Examples of practical results in cost reduction

Results of product implementation in Belgorod region

In Belgorod region it was possible to reduce the number of waste trucks required for waste transportation by 52.5% (from 400 to 190 pcs.). After full implementation of the product, the logistics department consists of only 4 people.

Results of product introduction in Stavropol Krai

In Stavropol Krai, the number of waste trucks needed to transport waste was reduced by 50% (from 250 to 125). After full implementation of the product, the logistics department consists of only 2 people.

The system includes the installation of navigation equipment on vehicles

The system includes the installation of navigation equipment on vehicles

The system can be integrated with sensors to measure the filling level of the waste bins. Using this comprehensive system for recycling bins, the regional operator can control the time when the contents of the bins need to be emptied and not idle the waste trucks.

Join us for a video demonstration of the site

We invite everyone interested to participate in a group video demonstration of our product, where we explain and advise on any questions free of charge.

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25 mlrd rub savings per year from implementing the product in the country
by 20% the cost of waste management is reduced
by 40% the efficiency of the regional operator's work increases

A smart and user-friendly system designed specifically for the needs of major industry players. Effectively optimises waste disposal and actually reduces costs. Waste management as an art.

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