Smart Waste

The largest aggregator for all types of waste

Helps you find verified transport and recycling contractors and save money through an auction system for selecting contractors.

Optimise with the Smart Waste platform

Automatical selection the best performers across the country
Fixed terms and automated interaction
Guarantee and full control over the fulfilment of your request
The easiest and most cost-effective solution to your waste removal needs

Eternal tasks, a new approach of Smart Waste

Smart Waste is an online service for construction, industrial and medical waste removal and recycling where customers communicate directly with transporters and recyclers without intermediaries.

Smart Waste sets a standard of service quality for waste management market participants and provides convenient means of communication. You just need to leave a request for waste disposal - the system will select performers by itself. It will automatically check their credibility (licences, tax debts, courts, etc.) and provide a means of tracking the process. The platform provides full control over all types of waste.

What types of waste does the site work with?

Smart Waste works with all types of waste except for MSW and 1-2 hazard classes:

  • Liquid domestic waste.
  • Construction, demolition and soil waste.
  •  Medical waste.
  • Food waste.
  • Agricultural waste.

Guaranteed «just-in-time» waste removal

Information for the register of domestic software

Smart Waste offers a simple process focused directly on convenience and ease of interaction. Developed with a shared commitment to raising service quality standards in the management of industrial, construction and medical waste.

New standard of service quality

A single system for all industrial waste management processes

Fixed conditions and automation of interaction

For each order a contract is concluded, all terms and conditions are fixed. Automatic generation of contracts and acts. All mutual settlements are made through the system

Mutual settlements within the system

The waste generator only needs to pay the invoice by QR code or by direct transfer of funds to the Smart Waste current account. After the fulfilment of each order, the executors issue an act of provided services within the system and also send the invoice in a convenient way.

Quick verification of contractors

All contractors are checked by Smart Waste's control service, including verification of permit documentation. Performers' ratings are also maintained. In case the rating drops below the acceptable level, Smart Waste has the right to suspend the conclusion of new contracts by the performer in the system.

Efficiently and quickly

Efficiently and quickly

Smart Waste optimally solves the issues of disposal and recycling of construction, industrial and other types of waste, making the industry transparent for all parties. The system provides full control over all stages of order fulfilment: from request submission to waste acceptance at the recycling facility.

Join us for a video demonstration of the site

We invite everyone interested to participate in a group video demonstration of our product, where we explain and advise on any questions free of charge.

When: every Wednesday at 10:30 (Moscow time)

650 average waste disposal requests per year from each large and medium-sized industrial enterprise
17 000 enterprises and organisations involved in the mining of minerals in Russia
300 000 manufacturing industries

Smart Waste - simple and effective tools for guaranteed just-in-time waste disposal

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