Enterprise environmental platform

A new approach to working with environmental information in the enterprise


Environmental costs at each branch are on the palm of your hand

Rapid updating of report forms and calculations in case of changes in the regulatory framework
Optimisation of environmental costs, reduction of payments
Full and clear analytics from branches, subsidiaries and organisations
Reduction of working time for reporting

Enterprise platform for improving metrics that measure environmental performance

«B3-CEEP» (Comprehensive Enterprise Environmental Platform) - a cloud-based product that allows the head of the enterprise to get comprehensive information about environmental activities, to see all related costs, reports and analytics, allows optimal budgeting of these items of expenditure. And most importantly, all this data will automatically be used for ESG-assessment of the enterprise.

The principle of operation is that all branches and all ecologists work in one platform, where data from all eco-monitoring stations, etc. are received. This makes it possible to instantly see all expenditures on environmental measures, estimate the amount of funds for future measures and adjust the budget. As a result, environmental expenditures at each branch can be seen like the palm of your hand.

The product is oriented towards:

  • Enterprises with an extensive network of branches, subsidiaries and organisations.

  • Enterprises with a complex negative impact on the environment.

Everything you need to work with environmental information at the enterprise:

Audit of carbon footprint of enterprises and territories

The information system and tools allow businesses to get an independent instrumental assessment of their carbon footprint, as well as access to services and tools:

  • Carbon unit trading platform
  • Integration with other information systems, both public and private, to verify and maintain the legal relevance of data.
  • Verification of calculated methods for determining GHG emissions through actual measurements at emission sources.
  • Creation of an register and accounting of actual emissions.
  • Creation of a register and accounting of climate projects.
  • Creation of a register and accounting of quotas.
  • Providing access to information.
  • Integration with the national register of conventional unit operations.
  • Integration with the international register of conventional unit operations.
by 32% cost reduction
by 30% fines reduction
by 58% emissions reduction

Connect to a comprehensive enterprise environmental platform and start working with environmental information in a new way. Monitor and improve your environmental performance measurement metrics with extraordinary efficiency.

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