Recyclable waste acceptance service

The service allows citizens to exchange recyclable household waste and materials for real money

Now separating waste for everyone is not only useful, but also profitable!

The entire path of recyclable materials collected by citizens is obvious and easily traceable
Payment of labour for the separation and preparation of secondary aw materials (SRM) - live money is credited to the user's account
Opportunity to take care of ecology with benefit for all and profit for yourself
Reducing the load on the environment by reducing the amount of landfilled waste

What is it?

Re-bin is an opportunity to take care of the environment with benefit for all and profit for yourself. The service allows citizens to exchange recyclable household waste and materials for real money.

As or the companies, they automate the control of incoming recyclables and assess their quality.

Implementation of the service "Re-bin" will allow citizens to receive a monetary reward for the delivery of separately collected waste in special containers, and the mobile application will record how much and what kind of raw materials you handed over.

In addition, each citizen will receive feedback on the quality of collected recyclables with recommendations for improvement.

Project objectives

  • To create a culture of separate waste collection among the population.
  • Improving the quality of collected secondary raw materials and providing manufacturers with sufficient raw materials for recycling.
  • Reduction of costs for collection, sorting and disposal of municipal waste.
  • Reducing the volume of non-recyclable waste by sorting it and, as a result, reducing the number of landfills.

Video about the project:

Re-bin is a comprehensive service for accepting and controlling the movement of SRM in Russia. Regulate the volumes of high-quality recyclable materials required for you and earn on it.

The mobile app has all the information you need

The solution for you

For shopping centres and shops

Accept waste from the public and tenants. Reduce disposal costs for SMW. Reduce payment of environmental fee

For citizens

Do you want to deliver SRM and get paid for it? Is caring for the environment important to you? Write to us and share a link to the site.

For MCs and HOAs

Optimise costs for disposal of solid waste. Unite residents in eco-education. Earn on SRM.

For sorting objects

Get the SRM you need from the people. Reduce the cost of organising SRM collection points. Increase the transparency of SRM collection and assessment processes. Sell the accumulated SRM on the «Back to Business».

Part of the nationwide project on secondary raw materials "Back to Business"

Part of the nationwide project on secondary raw materials "Back to Business"

The Re-bin service is an important part of the nationwide raw materials trading platform «Back to Business». 

The company «Back to Business» was launched in Russia in 2022. The Big Three founders and the investment company KSP Capital are the founders of the project.

The project has developed three SRM and waste management products, one of which is Re-bin.

Join us for a video demonstration of the site

We invite everyone interested to participate in a group video demonstration of our product, where we explain and advise on any questions free of charge.

When: every Wednesday at 10:30 (Moscow time)

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≈60 mln tonnes of household waste are thrown away in Russia every year
60% of all inorganic waste on earth can get a second life through recycling
up to 2026 it is planned to launch the Re-bin service in all regions of Re-bin.

Start using the Re-bin service and separate your waste profitably!

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