Regional waste cadastre

Regional waste cadastre

Reliable information on the entire waste chain of operations

100% control over waste management

Personal accounts for nature users and inspectors
Simplified reporting form for nature users
Automatic checking of reports, correctness of filled in data
Full picture of waste balance, including secondary waste

The entire waste management chain is on the palm of your hand

AIS «Regional Waste Cadastre» is designed for both legal entities and government agencies, which are responsible for collection and verification of reports on waste generation and management in the region. All legal entities and private entrepreneurs are required by law to submit information on what and how much waste they have generated, to whom and under what conditions they have transferred it, and, if they have a licence, to report on the relevant waste management activities. Whereas in the past this involved a lot of paperwork, our system will make reporting easier and quicker.

The system provides personal accounts for legal entities and inspectors. The first can select only the report forms they need, and the system itself checks the forms for them and points out any discrepancies in the data. The checking of reports is automated to the maximum extent possible, which saves inspectors from bureaucratic workload. Thus, for both parties, it saves time, and therefore money.

System capabilities:

  • Accurate data on operations with primary waste and volumes of generated secondary waste.
  • Journal of waste operations.
  • Simplified reporting form for nature users (complies with the order of the Ministry of Nature Management of the Russian Federation No. 102).
  • Detection of discrepancies between data entered by different nature users.
  • Correct reports on the activities of complex facilities, taking into account waste conversion within one waste management facility.
  • Display of waste both received from the population and transferred to the population.
  • Reporting of transfers of ownership under lease agreements.
  • A complete picture of the waste balance. The system generates a waste balance on the basis of the entered reporting.
  • Summarised complete analytical uploads.

AIS «Regional Waste Cadastre» solves problems

For waste generators

For control and supervisory authorities

For operators of waste management facilities

For transporters

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