Middle/Senior Python Developer

Middle/Senior Python Developer

required work experience:
3–6 years
type of employment:
full-time employment, remote work


  • Support and development of our own python framework.
  • Within its scope - architectural development of python packages for use in third-party projects.


  • Expertise knowledge of Django.
  • Experience in working with asynchronous frameworks (Flask/FastAPI).
  • Understanding of relational databases operation.
  • Understanding ORM and using it considering the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Good algorithmic background.
  • Knowledge and ability to build software product architecture.
  • Knowledge of OpenAPI specification
  • Independence, initiative: ability to find and propose solutions under conditions of limited input data.


  • Registration under the Labour Code of the Russian Federation from the first day, "white" salary, quarterly bonuses.
  • High to market, stable salary by qualification level: Middle - 110-180, Senior - 180-350.
  • A complex and meaningful product that you don't feel bad about spending your time on.
  • Flexible working conditions, where the main focus is the result, not fulfilment of formal requirements.
  • Compensation for training and technology.
  • Voluntary health insurance (outpatient care, inpatient care, psychologist 24/7).
  • A democratic, almost family-like atmosphere in the team.
  • The opportunity to choose the format of work: remote work/comfortable office within walking distance from Novoslobodskaya metro station.


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