Ecological monitoring

Analysis of atmospheric pollutant emissions

A digital platform for tracking the flow of climate-active substances, obtaining statistical, analytical and reporting information on their movements

Hardware-software complex of atmospheric air monitoring and carbon balance estimation

Tools for instrumental control of climatically active substances
Unified system of collection, analysis, monitoring, forecasting of data on carbon emissions
Transparent and verified scheme of actual emissions control
Real-time modelling of environmental damage

A unified digital system for monitoring, response, data analysis and reporting

The only technology of its kind that ensures the safety of the population both in conditions of technogenic catastrophes and military threats - rapid assessment of the situation and forecast of the consequences of pollutants entering the environment immediately after receiving input information about a release.

The system also makes it possible to inform administrative bodies, services and the population about emergency situations, violations of environmental standards, and to react in time to situations dangerous to human life and health.

Tasks that the system solves:

A joint venture between MIPT and The Big Three

The Big Three, together with MIPT, have launched a hardware and software system that allows monitoring actual emissions, reporting and modelling of environmental damage in real time.

Research at MIPT covers a wide range of areas in theoretical and experimental physics, energy and biomedicine, chemistry and applied mathematics. The Big Three technologies and MIPT mathematics = an invincible unique formula.

An atmospheric pollution monitoring device has been created, focused on import substitution and competition in foreign markets with leading manufacturers - Picarro, LiCore, Emerson, Vaisala, Davis, as well as on providing carbon footprint audit services for enterprises and territories.

Video about the project:

The system allows to calculate for 72 hours in advance and visualise with 1 hour discreteness transport trajectories, maps of the deposited layer of the selected pollutant, diagrams of concentration changes and changes of these concentrations in time and height. As well as maps of surface pressure, wind, temperature and precipitation

Production of affordable equipment

Option 4

Instrumental measurements of emissions of carbon units (in kg) and polluting gases with a device, installed on pipe.

Option 3

Instrumental measurements of absorption capacity and emissions of carbon units (in kg) by a small-scale unit attached to the drone. Used to search for accidental releases, silted water bodies or pipeline leaks.

Option 1

Instrumental measurements of absorption capacity and emissions of carbon units (in kg) with a small-sized device of own production. Possible installation on masts. Tests are scheduled for 3-4 quarter 2022.

Option 2

Позволяет измерять потоки газов вокруг труднодоступных территорий. Лидар отслеживает движение квадрокоптера. Машина движется или стационарно находится в одной точке, квадрокоптер двигается по заданной траектории и таким образом производится замер выбросов в объеме.

Regular environmental monitoring

Regular environmental monitoring

Implementation in operational practice and arrangement of regular calculations with a frequency of twice a day can save lives. And calculations of the main scenarios of spreading emergency emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere can be used in case of training and studies.

60 devices were produced and installed
1200 number of connections to the system
10 pilot regions

Monitor the flow of climatically active substances, predict their distribution and receive prompt information on emergencies and violations of environmental regulations.

In numbers
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